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Mini Dental Implants Make Dentures Feel Natural

Although most people who wear dentures are in the senior citizen category, many younger people have also been fitted with them too. While having dentures is better than having few or even no teeth, many people have issues with wearing them. The device can be uncomfortable for some people, and they find it difficult to eat, taste and smile naturally.

The development of mini dental implant technology now makes it possible for denture wearers to feel their teeth perform nearly as well as their natural teeth did.

When dentures are secured using the mini implant technology, the palate section of the upper denture can be removed. This allows the patient to experience taste as well as before they had dentures fitted. They can also chew food nearly as well as when they had dentures because the chewing force possible is very close to normal. The typical chewing force of a denture wearer is about 12 psi, but after the appliance is secured with the mini implants, the chewing force increases to 47 psi.

The placement of mini implants can be done in one appointment, giving the patient an almost instantaneous improvement in their quality of life. The patient’s existing denture is fitted with the proper housings to receive the four mini implant heads. Once the mini implants are correctly placed in the jawbone, the denture can be placed in the mouth with an acrylic sealing agent applied. The patient is then required to keep the denture in place for 48 hours.

Mini dental implants are referred to as MDIs and make a minimally invasive procedure that is also relatively cost effective possible. Some patients do not have enough good quality bone to qualify for traditional diameter implants, so the MDIs make a shorter treatment period, immediate results and lower cost possible for them.

To learn more about mini dental implants and whether you are a good candidate for them please call our Syosset, Long Island office at (516) 348-8500 to speak with one of our dentists.


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