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Snoring The Night AwaySnoring can be a very annoying and frustrating problem if you are the spouse of an individual who snores. It can also be problematic for the person who snores as they do not get a good night’s sleep either. They can wake up with horrible morning breath, and some people even can have heart-related problems due to excessive snoring and sleep apnea. 

Here at Shine Dental, we take not only your oral hygiene very seriously, but also your overall health, including issues with snoring and how to prevent it.

Stop Snoring Mouthpieces

There are multiple devices available to assist in the prevention of snoring, and mouthpieces seem to be one of the most popular. Most mouthpieces are durable and made from a soft rubber material that can fit the contour of any mouth. They work by moving the jaw forward slightly and keeping the tongue stationary, so it doesn’t fall back and occlude your airway. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and are non-invasive!

Shine Dental has many services regarding teeth and oral health, including snoring. We would be happy to perform an evaluation and give you guidance on the next steps in preventing your snoring issues.

Stop Snoring Nasal Strips

If restricted nasal passages are the cause of you or your partner’s snoring, then a stop snoring nasal strip may be right for you. Some people snore due to their tongue falling back and partially occluding their airway. Others snore due to congestion from seasonal allergies or the common cold, a deviated septum, a sinus infection or other issues which cause you to have inflamed sinuses. The nasal strips are easy to use. Just wash your face to remove any oil, so the adhesive will stick, and place the strip across the bridge of your nose before bed. The strip has a lifting action and lifts the skin causing the sinuses to open, allowing the snoring to cease.

If you are unsure of the type of snoring you have, make an appointment with our skilled team at Shine Dental. They will do a check-up of your oral structures and discuss your mouth and sinus anatomy with you as well as the best way to prevent your snoring.

We do have sedation available for family members that are anxious about their visit. We also have specialists on staff, as well as an on-site dental lab so all of your dental needs can be met under one roof.

We will work at your pace to keep you comfortable the entire time, and we will give you the smile you always wanted!

Other Devices To Assist In Prevention of Snoring

Mouthpieces and nasal strips seem to be the most popular anti-snoring devices on the market, but other methods work just as well. Included in these are natural oil drops before bed. These drops are taken directly before bedtime, and they are made from eucalyptus leaves and sunflower seeds. The oil not only prevents you from snoring, but it allows you to breathe much easier. There are also stop snoring pillows as well as a chin strap you wear to bed which works by keeping your jaw from falling open and back while sleeping.

As you can see, there are multiple devices you can try to aid you or a spouse in the cessation of snoring. Make sure to speak with our trained dentist and staff and let them review all the options with you regarding our dental services, including stop snoring devices. While waiting both before and after your visit, you can lounge in comfort in our modern rooms that are equipped with both flat-screen televisions as well as wi-fi for your enjoyment.

Our professional and skilled team members at Shine Dental are ready to care for you and your entire family. We take most major dental insurance and have interest free financing available, so there is no reason to wait to set up your appointment time. In as little as two visits, Shine Dental will get you your smile back! Click here to contact us by email or call us at 516-348-8500 for your free consultation with state of the art digital x-rays today!

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