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There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best possible smile. While some people naturally have healthy and perfectly aligned teeth, many of us are not quite so lucky. The good news is that Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore offers a wide array of cosmetic dental treatments to help you find your most brilliant smile. Whether it’s some minor whitening or major reconstructive work that needs to replace damaged teeth, we have the experience, the skills, and the friendly professionals who are eager to help you find your greatest smile.

Set Up Your Appointment Today! Why go another day without having your best smile possible? Our professionals are eager to help you get your most brilliant smile front and center. We take most major dental insurance have interest free financing available, so there is no reason to wait to set up your appointment time. In as little as two visits, Shine Dental will get you your smile back! Call for your appointment today and let’s take a look to see what we can do for you!

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In addition to our cosmetic dental procedures, Shine Dental Associates also offers Restylane® injections to correct wrinkles and folds around the mouth, or to add volume to lips. Our cosmetic dentists have undergone specialized training in facial cosmetics and are uniquely qualified to perform Restylane® treatments due to their extensive understanding of facial symmetry issues.

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Cosmetic Dentistry