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Community Partner Award

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I’ve been seen at Shine Dental for a while now. Dr Mittle has proven to be a wonderful dentist! He explains everything to me before hand and I am very satisfied! – Gerry

I came to Shine Dental on a Sunday! This is the best dental office I’ve ever been to! From the greeting to the check out, I felt valued! Highly recommend Shine Dental! – Marlon

I was there 2 days ago to whiten my teeth and I can’t stop looking in the mirror!!!! They look amazing. They did a awesome job and for the first time I can smile in my pictures without having to hide my teeth. Thank you shine dental for giving me a beautiful smile – Elvira Love

I never thought I would find my way back in a dentist office, but SHINE DENTAL is the place for me…your teeth are so important to your overall health and as a Diabetic, it is very important to stay on a dental routine.Yes…This is very CRAZY to say…… but I LOVE SHINE DENTAL! For many years I have stayed away from the dentist, due to several bad experiences and necessity made me go to Shine Dental. I was so afraid and truly reluctant but I needed emergency service. WOW…I have to tell you, I was treated like a ‘SUPER STAR”. The Team there is so pleasant and understanding. They are very patient and detailed in explaining what they are doing for you. I was so pleased with the service, I have been back multiple times. Dr Yanover and Kayla took care of my fillings and a crown. Daniella has done my deep cleanings with minimal to no irritation. Dr Mittle just did an implant for me, yesterday, that barely took any time to do. The process was done so well, that I went to work straight from having the implant done. Let me not forget Jerry, she I believe, is the office manager, (I am not sure) but she is a insurance GURU. She is such a great person to deal with regarding explanation of benefits but overall, just a really nice lady. So why would you want to go anywhere else when you are treated like Royalty. Thank you SHINE DENTAL TEAM… – Elena Caraballo

Outstanding dental care in a beautiful setting with state of the art equipment. All of the dentists and staff have are both very skilled and caring. Going to the dentist feels more like a trip to the spa than a dreadful experience. As somebody in the health care field myself, I really appreciate the commitment of this office to high quality care in a truly beautiful setting and a convenient location to boot. – Rakesh Shah

Because I took medication that stained at pitted my teeth, I was always embarrassed of my teeth, UNTIL I met Dr. Weinstein and his staff at Shine Dental Group. I have been seeing them for over 20 years. The staff is always cheerful, and ready to help. Emergencies are never a problem, and I no longer dread going to the dentist. If you have any of these issues, PLEASE go see Dr. Weinstein and his staff at Shine. You will be more than pleasantly surprised. Thanks Dr. Weinstein – James Peitz
Just an updated review of this practice- and frankly this place get it right! From check in, to follow up, to the scheduling. It’s as smooth as it gets. The office is always exceptionally clean and the I’ve never been asked to wait beyond my appointment time (ie- on time appointments how novel!).
Today I went in for a lightly chipped tooth- and Dr. Kinjel Gatha not only expertly shaved my tooth down (re-sculpting), there was no pain or cost. That last part was unexpected- and it’s nice to be treated as a valued patient.
Continued – great experience here. – Mitch Gerson

Great location..pristine facility..friendly staff and Dr. Mittle is awesome! – Sean Mulligan

The entire staff is courteous and professional.I am very satisfied with all my dental work. – Brian White

Personable and Professional ! I can’t say enough about the staff and how friendly and right at home they make you feel.
I now have a million dollar smile! Thank you Dr. Gatha!
Thanks Shine! – Marie Grier

Great staff! best dental experience I have ever had actually look forward to my appointments and seeing the staff! always get my cleaning with Daniella does an amazing job! I highly recommend for anyone from a basic cleaning to having major work done. – Mr. Joseph

Had a surprise extraction of a wisdom tooth by Dr. Weinstein. I’m 45 and had previously extracted wisdom teeth via an Oral Surgeon. I was hesitant, but the Dr. was so sure it would be OK, and very calmly offered up his professional opinion and advice- I agreed to do it.

It was the fastest extraction I’ve ever had. No pain, no swelling etc. I’m sure part of that is luck, but definitely one cannot discount his obvious surgical skill.
I had a minor complication (not sure if it was related or not) a few days later with a clogged ear. The Dr. took my call, and wrote me an Rx for an antibiotic- just in case.


Primarily dealing only with Dr. Yanover. She is young but a real good dentist. She is good at administering the novacaine and great at restorative work. The hygienist did my teeth whitening the other day and she was great. A tad bit expensive but well worth it, and def have to mention smoking hot. – Sean Donohue

I am impressed. I always like going to a medical professional that was older than myself, for some reason this gave me confidence. I can say without a doubt the experiece with Dr. Mittle even though he looks quite young, has been great. He seems to really know his stuff. Between him & the people at Shine I could not have expected a better outcome (including price) for my dental implant. Everything was explained to me in a simple language that I understood. The first implant is done & I expect the second implant to be done in 2-3 months. – Fred Hegemeister

The beauty of this office speaks for itself, but as a patient the staff and the amazing doctors are what makes this dental office amazing!. they hold a high standard of care for all of their patients and participate with many dental insurances even my PBA. i highly recommend shine dental associates of the north shore. – Lynda M.

Shine is the name of the coolest new dental place on the North Shore of Long Island. Brand new building designed with two levels, impressive inside and out. Shine is just next to Starbucks on the corner of Jackon Ave and Jericho Tpk. A few miles west off Rt 135. Easy to get to.
What makes it cool is they are friendly, competant, and motivated to do great work. They also got high ratings from the toughest critic in my family.
If your tired of going to someone that reminds you of your uncle and fear the xray machines are old….
Then try a brand new state of the art cool place to feel good about the dentist. They made appointments very easily and were friendly when a reschedule was needed.
I just checked out the website… it gives you an idea of the hospitable environment they have. I’m not sure why there are photos of Hollywood personalities standing with their receptionist…. but it seems like fun : ) – Tracy K.

Went there this morning without an appointment. They were very accommodating. No wait, I was taken right in, The receptionist, Ashley was very professional. The dental tech, Yasmin was great. Very good and helpful. Dr. Mittle was absolutely fantastic. He explained everything and took the time to answer questions that I had. I would definitely recommend this group to anyone who is looking for a dentist. They have me as a patient from now on!! – B.M.

I always feel welcomed when I visit this office. Dr. Mittle is very patient and informative. Wouldn’t want to go any place else. Liz, Syosset

My experience has been exceptionally positive. They have a great staff who are polite and caring. I feel really lucky that I found such a wonderful practice to go to. Haley, Oyster Bay

Dr. Weinstein is great. He is very knowledgeable and good at what he does. I have a family of bad teeth and Dr. Weinstein has handle all instances with great care and pride. He is like an artist and likes to get it so it looks and feels good. He keeps my smile healthy and looking good. He has given me a crown, a bridge and an implant. All have been great, no problem and eating is good. His staff has also whitened my teeth and takes care of my daughter and son. For different procedures he has explained the options if there are options and explains the difference so I can make a knowledgeable decision on his recommendations. He gave my daughter veneers and they came out great. His staff is great and at times busy but that to me is a good thing. Like a good restaurant. The office manager has handled all the insurance claims and billings without issue. His dental assistants are very good too. Everyone is very thorough, quick and knowledgeable as well. Shine Dental is highly recommended by me and my family. Maria, Hicksville

Everyone is so kind and caring. Dr. Mangiaracina made my front teeth look so natural and beautiful when she eliminated some of my gaps. I love it when people complement me on my smile and teeth. Thanks to all the staff at Shine Dental – they really are excellent! Lea, Cold Spring Harbor

I have lived in many cities and have had many dentists. Every dentist I have chosen has been referred to me by someone I trust. Dr. Weinstein is easily the best dentist I’ve had out of everywhere I’ve been. His staff is courteous and professional. His office is clean and has the most advanced equipment you’ll ever see. And to top it off he’ll leave you feeling confident in the work he can do. I would highly recommend him. Alex, Plainview

I thought I’d end up living with tooth loss forever until I found Shine Dental. Their dental implants improved my smile and boosted my self-confidence! Sam, Woodbury

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