Orthodontic patients will notice an increase in self-confidence when they take advantage of Shine Dental Group’s services to straighten out the nuances of their smile.

We diagnose, treat, and work to prevent dental and facial irregularities such as crooked teeth, crowding, spacing, protruding upper teeth, overbite, underbite, open bite and crossbite.

We use SureSmile® clear aligners, traditional braces and other orthodontic devices to correct these bad bites or malocclusions by moving the teeth and jaw into proper alignment.

Orthodontic treatment can help patients of all ages, although it is most effective when implemented as soon as a problem is detected. It is important to treat malocclusions before problems worsen or cause tooth decay, gum disease, surface wearing, stress on the gum and bone, jaw misalignment, headaches, or face and neck pain.

Shine Dental Associates offers the following to all new orthodontic patients:

  • Free Orthodontic Consultation
  • Free Clear Aligners Consultation
  • Interest-free Financing Available
  • Free Second Opinions

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Clear Aligners

SureSmile® Aligners

Clear Aligners are precision-crafted with advanced technologies and high-quality materials for a comfortable fit.

  • Appearance

    They are clear so you can smile with confidence. Self-confidence detected.... Aligners undetected

  • Hygiene

    You can easily brush and floss your teeth because aligners are removable

  • Comfort

    Generally, aligners are way more comfortable than braces.

  • Diet

    When you take off your aligners to eat, it doesn't affect your diet. You'll still be able to enjoy what you want to eat.

Traditional Braces

The traditional braces system consists of brackets that are connected to archwires which act as guides for proper tooth placement. 

  • Applicable to all cases

    Traditional braces can be used to treat all cases.

  • Variety of braces

    There are various types of braces, with or without colors. Porcelain braces are more discreet than traditional metal ones.

  • Compliance

    With braces, you can't forget to wear them. They're always there!