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iStock_000007275006SmallA biopsy is a simple surgery that removes samples of soft tissue or bone from the body. This may be gum tissue, a tooth, or a jaw piece. Biopsies are performed when the dentist or the physician wants to take a look at the sample in the laboratory. The goal is to find the sources of abnormalities or lesions. They may be caused by illnesses or injuries. The lesions may be in the area of soft tissue or bone that looks abnormal. This can be a lump or a patch of skin that has a different colour or texture.

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Determining what type of biopsy will be performed will depend on several factors. For instance, if the lesion is tiny and the dentist thinks that it is benign or not cancerous then an excisional biopsy will be made although if the lesion is large and there is a chance that it is malignant or cancerous then incsional biopsies will be made.

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