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Family Dentistry

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What is family dentistry? Here at Shine Dental, family dentistry encompasses oral health and dental care of your entire family, from your toddlers to your teens (and beyond).

Family Dentistry

As a healthcare team, we take care of each member of your family at every stage of life. As you can imagine, children have different oral health needs than adults or elderly individuals. A family dentist can give comprehensive care to teeth of all stages including baby teeth, adult teeth, and even denture wearers.

Like a general dentist, a family dentist is the healthcare team member you see for your oral health. He or she diagnoses, treats, and manages the overall health of your teeth from child to adult as he or she is specialized in the family setting. These services can include regular cleanings, dental examinations, fillings, extractions, orthodontics, crowns, bridges, veneers, gum care, and other oral health issues.

Regular Cleanings

Regular teeth cleanings are just as important and even more crucial for small children. You may think that it is trivial and meaningless to bring in your young child in as their baby teeth are going to fall out anyway. This is actually the opposite of what you should be considering. You need to establish a family dentist when the children are young to get them into good habits of brushing their teeth daily. Since they most likely will not be able to floss their teeth on their own, it is important for you to develop a nighttime routine and floss their teeth a couple of times a week, so they understand the importance of oral hygiene.

Another critical factor in bringing children into the dentist early is so they are not anxious and can feel comfortable with the staff in a dentist office. Here at Shine Dental, we take every opportunity to make your child feel relaxed and at home in our modern office with state of the art digital x-ray services.

We do have sedation available for family members that are anxious about their visit. We will work at your pace to keep you comfortable the entire time, and we will give you the smile you always wanted!

Cavity Discovery & Fillings

When a small child has decay in their baby or primary teeth, it can lead to damage of their permanent or adult teeth before those teeth have even developed. It is crucial to get your kids in for checkups to prevent decay in their permanent teeth. If corrosion does occur in permanent teeth, we want to be able to catch it early when it is small and can be repaired with a little filling rather than a crown or a root canal.

Fluoride treatments are also an excellent way to keep children’s teeth healthy and strong. These procedures are simple, easy, and will keep your child’s teeth well mineralized. Our staff here at Shine Dental can assist you in answering questions regarding fluoride treatments and get you and your little one scheduled for a fluoride treatment.

Speak to our trained dentist and staff and let them review all your options with you. We also have a specialist on staff for any difficult issues that arise.

Cavity Discovery & Fillings. Learning to protect teeth

Oral Health & Hygiene

Family dentists understand how a child’s teeth can change at every stage of life. It is imperative to have your child become established and comfortable with their dentist. In our office, we have a very laid back and gentle approach with kids, so they will understand how important good oral health and hygiene is for life.

While waiting both before and after your dental visit, you can lounge in comfort in our modern rooms that are equipped with flat-screen televisions. Wi-Fi is also available for your enjoyment.

Our professional and skilled team members at Shine Dental are ready to care for you and your entire family. We take most major dental insurance and have interest free financing available, so there is no reason to wait to set up your appointment time. In as little as two visits, Shine Dental will get you your smile back! Click here to contact us or call us at Shine Dental at 516-259-1636 for your free consultation with digital x-rays today!

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