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Teeth Replacement Options

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth in a row, or be used to support removable dentures. The use of implants with these traditional devices improves fit, adds strength, and reduces movement of artificial replacements. Each of these types helps to preserve jawbone shape.

We Offer Dental Solutions
That Are

bridge fixed hybrid

Fixed Hybrid Bridge

Implant fix hybrid prosthesis is a combination of denture and a fix bridge.You can’t take it in and out of your mouth. It is permanently fixed onto the implants. Therefore, it is like a fix implant bridge. However, it doesn’t have a porcelain on the teeth. Instead it is made out of acrylic like a denture. It looks very natural and it’s a fix bridge!

bridge all on 4

All On 4

With this kind of implant, there are four small titanium screws fitted inside your jawbone, which serve to replace the root part of what would normally be one tooth. When you have more than one missing tooth, you can replace multiple teeth with just one implant, and that’s what all on four implants do.

bridge zirconia

Zirconia Fixed Bridge

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