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7 Facts You Might Not Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

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before and afterCosmetic dentistry is a blend of different procedures that enhance your overall appearance to create an amazing smile. Before visiting a cosmetic dentist to discuss your dental procedure, there are a few things you need to know about the procedure. Here are 7 facts you need to know about cosmetic dentistry that you should know before going for the procedure.

1. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you can enjoy various dental services that fit your budget and needs. It is divided into a few major groups of dental procedures. For instance, there is the whitening procedure that cleans your darkened or discolored teeth. There’s also installing dental veneers which alter the overall appearance of your teeth. Bonding, on the other hand, the dentist will apply a layer on your teeth to replace any gaps or present damage on the structure of your teeth.

2. One of the most common types of cosmetic dentistry procedures include tooth whitening, especially using whitening gel, laser or whitening products. Keep in mind that the latter can be obtained over the counter such as toothpaste, pens and whitening strips or getting stronger whitening solution from a dentist for the best results.

3. Cosmetic dentistry involves installing bridges and crowns. Also referred to as synthetic caps, crowns re-establish a tooth through a restoration procedure such as root canal. If a large part of your tooth has been removed because of tooth decay, crowns will be installed. They can also be used to cover up dental implants, prevent cracked teeth from becoming worse, bridge attachments and restoration of any stained or discolored teeth.

4. If you want a very attractive smile, you can always settle for veneers. They are thin, manufactured from porcelain and provide total covering for your teeth. Veneers are also perfect for handling crooked, cracked, discolored and stained teeth as well as replacing gaps in your teeth. A thin shell is pasted on the surface of your tooth and conceals any defects comfortably.

5. A cheaper option to veneers is dental bonding. It comes in handy when you’re thinking about repairing any minor dental flaws. Here the cosmetic dentist will glue a composite resin to your tooth which is hardened and shaped to hide cracks or any other physical imperfections such as gaps.

6. Orthodontics is yet another cosmetic dentistry procedure. It’s also used in combination with numerous other cosmetic dental processes. It’s a procedure that allows you to position and align your teeth properly. Wires are attached to brackets then placed in your teeth to align everything back to the right position.

7. Dental implants are used for replacing teeth permanently. Here, the cosmetic dentist will place a small titanium screw into your jawbone surgically and then a crown is fitted.

As a rule of thumb, you need to find a good cosmetic dentist to make sure that you’re getting the best results from your procedure. You need to do a lot of research to find the right dentist who is experienced, accredited and licensed to provide cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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