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Smiling happy guyDo you have stains on your teeth that you can’t remove? Want that brighter smile for a special occasion? Want to smile with confidence?

At Shine dental, we have several different whitening options to get the perfect bright smile for you. Shine dental offers 1 hour laser teeth whitneing with a special LED light that now minimizes the sensitivity. It is safe and the results are immediate. We can whiten your teeth as much as 5 shades with minimal discomfort or sensitivity. The procedure is comfortable and its all done in our office in a nice comfortable room where you can watch cable TV or use our wifi and surf the internet.

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At Shine Dental, we also fabricate custom take home whitening trays specifically for you. these are take home trays that you wear for about an hour each day until you get that perfect shade you want. These whitening trays will whiten the entire tooth and all your teeth unlike the whitening strips or other teeth whitening products. it can be used in conjunction with the laser teeth whitening. These trays are comfortable and easy to use.

If you have crowns or bonding on your teeth already, laser teeth whitening and custom home trays can whiten your remaining teeth but won’t whiten the crown, veneer or bonding you currently have. at times, the bonding may need to be replaced just to match your new white teeth. Be certain to mention to the dentist that you had work done on your teeth to discuss all options and treatments for you.

If you have any questions regarding our 1 hour laser teeth whitening or take home custom tray, please call us today at 516-348-8500 for a free consultation.

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