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Why You Should Choose Professional Denture Repair Rather Than Do-It-Yourself Repair Kits

We have a denture repair lab on premises.If you talk to someone who has dentures, they will tell you that dentures will eventually break. Oftentimes, this occurs at the most inconvenient time. Whether the break is partial or it causes the teeth to fall out, it can make you miserable. There are numerous DIY repair kits on the market. You can walk into almost any drugstore and find a DIY kit that advertises that you can make your broken dentures look good as new. However, most of these products do not live up to those promises. Before you try a DIY repair kit, consult us at Shine Dental Associates in Syosset, Long Island.

Be Careful of Home Denture Repair Kits and Do-it-Yourself Denture Repair Solutions

These home denture repair kits often seem like a perfect solution to repair your dentures and avoid a trip to the dentist. These kits are inexpensive and easy to find, making it an attractive option. However, if you are not really careful, these kits can turn a simple repair into an expensive replacement.

Before attempting to repair your dentures yourself, you should know the material that was used to manufacture your dentures. Additionally, you will need to know which part of the denture is broken. Some breaks are too involved to use a do-it-yourself kit. Dentures can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including resins and acrylics. Some of these materials are not compatible with DIY repair kits. If you are not careful, you can make your dentures fit incorrectly, which can cause sores or pain in your mouth. Finally, some repairs are impossible to fix with a kit. No matter how much adhesive you use, there are times that your dentures will not stay together. For these reasons, it is often best to have your dentures repaired or replaced by a professional.

Did you know that improperly mending your denture can make them worse? The adhesive can irritate your mouth or worse yet, you can cause your dentures to fit improperly causing pain and sores in your mouth. Finally, the steps involved in mixing the adhesive send many people running to a professional. These easy kits are in fact not easy at all.

Shine Dental Associates Has a Full Service Dental Lab On Premises

The best option is to contact us immediately if you need denture repair. Many dental offices in Nassau County prefer to send any broken dentures out to an off premises denture lab rather than repairing the dentures themselves. However, we have an on-site denture repair lab and employ a team of highly trained dental technicians to ensure that each repair is done safely using only ADA approved materials.

We can handle a variety of denture problems, including full breaks, partial breaks and tooth repair. Finally, we can clean your dentures and even create you a duplicate set of dentures. We even offer same day service so your dentures can be repaired the same day!

The choice is ultimately yours. You need to determine which option is best for your current situation and which option you are comfortable with. Dentures cost a lot of money and require proper maintenance and repair by a professional to ensure they look natural and fit correctly.

At Shine Dental Associates our denture repair lab in Syosset, Long Island offers full-service denture repair and replacement.  Give us a call today!


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