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Types of Dentures and Caring for Them

Dentures Smile

Dentures are used to replace missing teeth, giving you that all-important smile again. However, it’s important to ensure you look after your dentures and keep up with any recommended appointments with your dentist if you have them fitted. If you would like any further information, or an appointment at Shine Dental Associates in Syosset, NY, please give us a call today!

Learn more about the different kinds of dentures

There are several kinds of dentures that dentists recommend, and they’re made by taking impressions of your mouth and using them to create a mold. Immediate dentures are held in place with clasps or pins, while traditional full or partial dentures use clasps and can be removed at night. Talk with your dentist about which type is best for you. And remember that different kinds require different care.  With proper care and maintenance, full dentures can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

Full dentures

Full dentures are a bit of a misnomer because full dentures do not replace all your teeth. While most people think full dentures are used when teeth have been completely removed, many people use partial or complete denture options (which are exactly what they sound like), depending on how much jawbone has been lost and how many teeth have been removed. In some cases, partial denture options may be appropriate even if you still have enough healthy gum tissue that can support dental implants; in other cases where there is no more gum tissue but plenty of remaining teeth and bone, a dental bridge or dental implant may be warranted. Whatever option you choose will depend on what kind of teeth replacement you require and which one best fits your lifestyle.

Partial dentures

A partial denture is a removable replacement tooth or teeth in a metal framework that fills in some, but not all, of your natural teeth. A partial denture can help you maintain your dental health by keeping your existing teeth from shifting, as well as restoring your smile.

Temporary dentures

You will have temporary dentures put in right after your teeth are removed. These should last you a week or two, and they will give you time to figure out how best to care for your dentures once they’re permanent. When you’re ready, we can replace them with a set of permanent dentures that is customized according to your bite and preferred aesthetic look. However, if you don’t feel like your appearance has improved significantly with your new denture, then it might be time for some adjustments. You can visit us every six months for cleanings and checkups, but if you find that your fit or comfort level still isn’t good enough, then it may be time for adjustments.

Flexible dentures

Also called relined dentures, flexible dentures are plastic molds that replace one or more missing teeth. The dentist places your gums under local anesthesia and remakes your lost teeth from impressions taken during a prior visit. As new replacement teeth are needed, they’re fabricated from new impressions.

Fixed bridge

A fixed bridge is one of three types of dentures—the other two being removable partial dentures and full dentures. A fixed bridge is used when a patient needs a permanent replacement for one or more missing teeth. It can be used as an implant-supported fixed bridge, in which case it would be anchored onto implants in place of your natural teeth, or attached by screws directly into your jawbone using posts. They work well if you’re missing only one tooth and have healthy surrounding gum tissue.

Cantilever bridge

Most commonly used, cantilever bridges are connected to surrounding teeth with clasps. These are especially beneficial if you’re lacking support from neighboring teeth. Because they don’t use natural teeth as anchors, these bridges can be more comfortable than other forms of dental bridges. Commonly constructed using porcelain or gold alloys, these restorations are extremely durable and typically last many years before needing replacement or repairs. Cantilever dental bridges take just one appointment with Dr.


This is an option for replacing one or more teeth, which involves placing a titanium post in your jawbone. Your oral surgeon will then affix an artificial tooth over it. While implants are considered more expensive than other options, they last a lifetime. In fact, dentists say that their patients who choose implants report that they look and feel like their natural teeth. Patients love how easy it is to clean around them—no special flossing is required!

Implant-supported fixed dentures

These can be attached to your jaw using two implants, which makes them more secure than other types of dentures. This added security is extremely beneficial, particularly if you plan on eating or drinking quickly or laughing while wearing your dentures. However, implant-supported fixed dentures are typically more expensive than other options.

Snap-on dentures

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to complete your smile makeover, you might consider snap-on dentures. These removable teeth are also known as partial plate dentures or slider plates. Snap-on dentures are an affordable solution if you aren’t quite ready for full dental implants and would like something more natural than a set of acrylic teeth.

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