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Hybrid Dentures

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Although most would agree having dentures is preferable to going without, that doesn’t mean they’re always a dream to wear. In fact, in the case of most temporary dentures, wearers have to struggle everyday to make keep them in their mouths at all times and , even then, the results are often less than ideal. Fortunately, hybrid dentures can provide a complete 180 for those people.

Hybrid Dentures

There are a number of problems with temporary dentures that the hybrid type rectifies. For one, they are almost never aesthetically pleasing. Temporary versions tend to be more of a one-size-fits-all solution, meaning the wearer is often forced to simply contend with what they’re given.

Perhaps the larger issue, however, is that they simply don’t fit well. These dentures rest on top of the wearer’s gums and are generally held there with some type of adhesive. This could be an actual paste or some type of tape-like strip that’s laid inside the dentures before being worn. Either way, even the best adhesives can only do so much with gum tissue.

When the wearer begins normal functioning, problems usually start. If they chew their food or even attempt to hold a conversation, temporary dentures can pop up and leave the gums. If this even happens momentarily, it can be enough for food to find its way in between the gums and the dentures. Many wearers can often feel the dentures shifting throughout the day which is physically and emotionally uncomfortable.

Hybrid dentures solve this problem by combining the shape of the temporary type with something far better than adhesive: metal implants. A dentist will actually insert metal implants into the jawbone through the patient’s gums. These implants then serve as the apparatus the dentures are attached to. In many cases, these dentures are attached permanently by the dentist, meaning they can be removed but only by the professional.

Generally, it takes four implants in order to properly secure these dentures. After proper consultations, though, a dentist can install them with just one visit. Healing usually takes another four to six months, at which time the final product will be attached permanently.

As they’re custom made, the finished product looks far better than temporary dentures. Plus, as they never shift around or move, the wearer appears more natural with them in. Whether they’re eating, laughing, yawning or just talking, hybrid dentures hold their own and give the wearer the comfort and confidence they deserve.

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