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Dental Implant Supported Dentures

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One of the most popular forms of teeth replacement is known as an overdenture. This simple device is just a row of artificial teeth you rest right on top of your gums (hence, the name “overdenture”). While this is the most popular solution for a mouth missing numerous teeth, there are multiple versions of it. Perhaps the best available is known as a dental implant supported denture.

Dental Implant Supported Dentures

The problem with simply resting overdentures on top of your gums is that they rarely want to stay there, thus defeating the purpose of false teeth. To rectify this problem, many people apply adhesive to their dentures in the way of paste or tape. As you can probably imagine, though, adhesive and saliva-drenched gums don’t always work well together.

So many people with overdentures have to adopt new ways of speaking, eating, laughing and even yawning. All this is done in an attempt to keep their dentures in place at all times. Of course, accidents can happen. Small pieces of food, for example, can wedge themselves between dentures and gums, slowly agitating the area, irritating the wearer and even damaging the false teeth. Clicking noises are often the result of dentures sporadically coming lose.

Fortunately, these days, there are dental implant supported dentures: a simple technique that mimics the real way teeth stay in place have the exact same effect.

Dentists start by drilling metal (usually titanium) implants into the wearer’s jawbone, right through their gums. Just the tiniest amount of metal is left exposed because the tip has an attachment mechanism. This mechanism will attach to the dentures when the wearer puts them in. The finished product copies how your real teeth are rooted into your mouth and the results are much the same.

With metal implants holding them in place, overdentures aren’t going anywhere. Food won’t be able to find its way under them because they’re held flat against the mouth. There’s no clicking to be had because they’re anchored right in place. Overall, the wearer gets a much better experience, especially where their confidence is concerned. Knowing their teeth aren’t going anywhere, they can participate fully in life without letting anxiety hold them back.

Dentures are supposed to make life easier and the wearer more confident. So if your overdentures are just giving you one more thing to worry about, it might be time to consider dental implants. They’ll hold your dentures in place so you can focus on what’s important.

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