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Does Your Child Have Bad Breath?

does-your-child-have-bad-breathHave you recently noticed that your child is suffering from particularly bad breath? Bad breath is something that is more noticeable to adults and is often something that children don’t think twice about. Even with routine dental cleanings from your family dentist on Long Island, it’s easy for bad breath to occur. As a parent, it’s important to identify and correct the issue now to prevent it from developing into a bigger problem down the road.

Evaluate Your Child’s Oral Hygiene


If you notice your child suffering from bad breath, the first thing you should do is evaluate their oral hygiene. Are they brushing twice a day, as recommended by their Long Island family dentist? Are they flossing as recommended? Have their received a professional dental cleaning lately? If the answer to any of these is no, odds are you found one of the biggest culprits causing their bad breath.

Even if your child tells you that they are brushing and flossing, you still may need to monitor their hygiene habits. Check their toothbrush once they go to school. You can also watch them brush and give them pointers if you notice that there is room for improvement. Children often don’t know any better and may think they are doing an exceptional job brushing.


Still Having Problems With Bad Breath?


If your child has been keeping up with their dental cleaning habits and is still suffering from bad breath, consider some of these surprising reasons for bad breath in children.

• Blockage in the Nasal Passage – Most children are curious, and can unknowingly get something like a bead or food lodged in their nasal passage. If an object becomes lodged in the nasal passage, the smell can be awful and will impact your child’s breath. If you notice something lodged, it’s recommended that a dentist remove the object. Trying to remove the object yourself can cause further damage to the nasal passage.

• Sinus Infection – A sinus infection could cause your child’s bad breath. If you notice that your child has had a sore throat or stuffy nose, they could have fluid collecting in their nasal passages. This becomes a hotbed for bacteria, which causes bad breath. Antibiotics from your doctor or Long Island family dentist can help cure the problem.

• Swollen Tonsils – If your child’s tonsils are swollen, odds are there are bacteria trapped in the pits of the tonsils. Swollen tonsils are red, inflamed, and feature a sour, pungent smell. White spots may also be seen on swollen tonsils. Antibiotics can also help alleviate this issue.

• Dry Mouth – Is your child staying hydrated? They may not be drinking enough water, especially if they are active during summer months. Dry mouth is a direct contributor to bad breath because saliva is not able to wash away food particles and bacteria. Not only can this cause bad breath, but if left untreated, it can lead to more serious problems like tooth decay.


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