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shutterstock_201674774When teeth have been missing for a while, bone has a tendency of resorbing or disappearing. Dental implants prevent the bone deterioration that typically results when a tooth is missing.

We numb you up the same way you get a filling. Then the dental implants are placed gently into the missing area. Sometimes, bone grafting may have to be placed around the implant to ensure its stability. This procedure is done at the SAME time you get the implant.

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When the procedure is finished you can resume your normal day to day activities and even go to the work the same day with minimal discomfort!

The important thing to know is that you will NEVER be without teeth. Your denture will be adjusted the SAME day to fit over the area. After a period of healing, typically about 3-4 months, a replacement tooth can be placed.

The procedure can be done with either:

  • local anesthetics,
  • nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas), or
  • sedation (for those who are anxious)

All procedures are done by our board certified periodontist.

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