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Implant Supported Partial Denture

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iStock_000009066705SmallA dental implant supported denture is similar to a regular denture except that it is supported and attached to dental implants for stability. A standard denture rests directly on top of the gum line held only by an adhesive which often times leads to slipping and sliding of the denture appliance. An implant supported denture offers a much firmer hold because the denture appliance snaps into place on top of a series of implants.

This method prevents jaw shrinkage and a drastic change in your appearance that could occur without a full tooth replacement. Implant supported dentures are also removable, so you can pop them out and clean them overnight, just as you would a regular denture appliance.

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Say goodbye to the denture adhesive or glue! No more gagging on the denture. Start chewing your food with confidence knowing that you can virtually eat anything you like! Smile with confidence. This prosthesis is great is you have some, not all of your missing teeth and also that your other teeth are in good condition. We get great stability of your denture without putting additional stresses on your other teeth. Also, the clasp of the denture can be removed in esthetic areas to enhance your smile.

Once the implant is fully integrated into the bone and exposed, the implant supported partial can then be fabricated. The process will take a few more visits in order to fabricate you denture. Once the denture is fabricated from the lab, we insert the “locator” attachments into the implants and the “housing” components under the denture. Once everything fits, the implant supported partial denture is complete. It will feel a lot more comfortable and should be a lot more stable. Remember, maintenance and cleaning is very important to the overall healthcare of your gums and teeth.

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