Dentures Over Implant - Upper

Dentures Over Implant – Upper Smile More for Less!

iStock_000013128463XSmallSay goodbye to the denture adhesive or glue! No more gagging on an upper denture. Start chewing your food with confidence knowing that you can virtually eat anything you like! Smile with confidence. Start tasting your food by having an open palate denture. In order to get this type of prosthesis a minimum of 4 dental implants have to be placed in proper position. Naturally, the more implants that are placed, the more stable it is.

Once the implant is fully integrated into the bone and exposed, the upper overdenture can then be fabricated. There is a possibility that we might be able to use your existing complete denture to attach it to the implants or we may have to fabricate you a new denture.

If we use your existing upper denture the process can be completed in as little as two visits.

The first visit will be a mold of your mouth to send to lab. After a week, we insert these “locator” attachments into the implants. Once inserted, we then attach the “housing” components under the existing denture. Once everything fits the overdenture is complete. It will feel a lot more comfortable and should be a lot more stable.

If we have to fabricate you another upper denture the process will take a few more visits in order to fabricate you denture. Once the denture is fabricated from the lab, we insert the “locator” attachments into the implants and the “housing” components under the denture. Once everything fits, the overdenture is complete. It will feel a lot more comfortable and should be a lot more stable. Remember, maintenance and cleaning is very important to the overall healthcare of your gums and teeth.

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