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shutterstock_148305341When designing a case to replace several missing adjacent front teeth a restorative dentist or specialist may recommend a dental implant bridge instead of individual crowns. The reason for this is that due to anatomic limitations, replacing front teeth with crowns will often produce poor esthetic results.

Replacing multiple adjoining front teeth with implant-supported bridges will reduce your treatment cost and improve the esthetics of your smile.

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Traditional implant-supported bridges can be utilized throughout the mouth eliminating placement of additional implant fixture in anatomically deficient areas or if chosen by the implant restorative dentist instead of individual tooth-for-tooth replacement.

Say goodbye to the missing space. Smile with confidence and eat virtually anything you like! Never develop a cavity!

Once the implant is fully integrated into the bone and exposed the custom tooth can start to be made. Typically an implant bridge can take about 3 visits!

The first visit is taking a mold of your mouth to send to lab. At this visit, we also determine the shade of your tooth with YOUR approval. If you want any special request to be done to the tooth, please let us know.

The second visit, typically 1 week after the mold, is to try the frame in. The abutments have to fit in the implants and the copings have to fit over the abutments. If everything fits, then it goes back to our laboratory to place porcelain on the teeth.

The third visit, typically 1 week after the framework try in the bridge is inserted. Contacts and bite is checked to make sure maximum comfort is obtained. Shade is checked once more to make sure YOU are happy with esthetics. The bridge is then cemented in. Remember, maintenance and cleaning is very important to the overall healthcare of your gums and teeth.

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