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Fixing Crowded Teeth

Smile More for Less!

invisilignAre you someone who doesn’t smile because your teeth are all crowded together? Does this make you self-conscious? If this describes you or someone you know, you no longer have to worry about your smile.

Here at Shine Dental, we offer dental services that will correct crowded teeth so you can have that beautiful smile you have always dreamed of! Some of the most common inquiries regarding fixing crowded teeth follow; please read on to have all your questions answered.

Advantages of correcting crowded teeth

Why should you fix your crowded teeth? There are many benefits to correcting your teeth. One of the most important reasons is that it will give you straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile. Other benefits also include a better bite, and if you have had chewing difficulties in the past, they will be gone as well. In addition, your teeth and gums will be healthier. Your oral structures will be healthier because when your teeth are overcrowded, it makes brushing and flossing very difficult. You have a hard time removing the tartar and other built up food from your teeth. This can lead to cavities, tooth decay, tooth loss, and gum disease.

Make sure to speak with our trained dentist and staff and let them review all the options with you regarding our dental services, including our ability to fix crowded teeth with the use of braces or Invisalign options.

Types of correction

There are many types of correction when discussing teeth overcrowding. The two main options are metal braces and clear aligners (Invisalign). Braces are the most common type of orthodontic correction device. Braces are placed on your teeth and are fixed there for a certain length of time until your dentist or orthodontist deems them ready to be removed. The metal brackets are attached one to each tooth, and they attach the wires to the teeth. These wires are then routinely tightened or loosened depending on the objective of the dentist for your particular problem.

Clear aligners are not fixed, they are removable, and they are an alternative to metal braces. They do not allow food to become trapped in the device which is a great benefit. They are to be removed only when eating, brushing, and flossing. They are worn for approximately two weeks before the dentist has you wear the next aligner and so forth. Both types of correction work well. The best advice is to talk to the staff here at Shine Dental to see which option would be best for you or your family member.

While waiting both before and after your dental appointment, you can lounge in comfort in our modern rooms that are equipped with both flat-screen televisions as well as wi-fi for your enjoyment.

Are there cosmetic dentistry options for those who DO NOT want to wear braces? The answer is “yes”… as you can choose correct crowded teeth with veneers, crowns and bridges.  Contact us today to discover which is the best option for you!

Correction longevity

The amount of time you would have to wear braces, Invisalign, or another option varies for everyone, depending on their circumstances. Once your dentist has a specific treatment plan, he or she will review the details with you. Longevity also depends on your age, how significant your spacing issue is, and how complex your bite problem is; the more complicated the issue, the more extended the time needed.

We have sedation available for family members anxious about fixing their crowded teeth. We will work at your pace to keep you comfortable the entire time and give you a smile you always wanted!

Our professional and skilled team members at Shine Dental are ready to care for you and your entire family. We take most major dental insurance and have interest-free financing available, so there is no reason to wait to schedule your appointment. Shine Dental will get your smile back in as little as two visits! Click here to contact us by email or call us at 516-348-8500 for your free consultation with state-of-the-art digital x-rays today!

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