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Can Gum Disease Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Unhappy couple in bedroomFor many years dentists and periodontists have warned about the causal connection between poor oral health and systemic diseases, such as: diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, as well as other inflammatory related ailments.

Recently, a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine has established a strong connection between men with gum disease and erectile dysfunction (ED).

As reported on the website Female First

This does not surprise Periodontist (gum disease specialist) Dr Peter Galgut – twice winner of UK Dentist of the Year – who explained that the researchers who conducted the study found that 53 per cent of the men with ED had severe gum disease compared with 23 per cent who did not.The study involved 80 men with ED and 82 without the condition, none of whom smoked (since smoking is a risk factor for both ED and gum disease). The study participants were restricted to 30 to 40 years of age in an effort to rule out age as a risk factor and after allowing for this as well as, body mass index (BMI), household income and education status, the association between compromised Oral health and ED prevailed.  The study authors concluded “We think that it will be of benefit to consider periodontal disease as a causative factor in the clinical condition of ED.

Read the entire article here

Given the devastating effect of erectile dysfunction on your intimate relationship(s) don’t you think this is a good time to contact our office to speak with Dr. Mittle our board certified periodontist about the condition of your teeth and gums?

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