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Are Same Day Dentures In Your Best Interest?

Are Same Day Dentures In Your Best Interest?Same day dentures are just as the name implies. They are replacement teeth that the patient receives immediately to avoid having to go without their pearly whites for an extended period. Of course, planning and preparation are required, so people should not just show up and expect to obtain a new smile. On the first visit, the dentist needs to take measurements of your mouth to ensure that the new device fits snug.

After all, the last thing a person wants is to have an embarrassing mishap happen such as the teeth falling out of place during a meal with friends. Additionally, the staff and patient need to discuss the size, shape, and color of the teeth thoroughly at the initial visit. This action guarantees that the same day dentures have a realistic look and feel.

Comfort is vital as many people have compared dentures of the past to having a mouth full of rocks. If the replacement teeth fit awkwardly or cause pain, patients are less inclined to wear them. Luckily, there have been many advances in the dental industry over the years, and today, same day dentures are comfier than ever before. Our team understands that going to the dentist is an intimidating feat for many people. We go above and beyond to make your visit as easy going as possible.

Patients that are incredibly anxious about the extractions at the second appointment should feel free to ask about sedation. The technique is the ideal solution for putting family members in a peaceful, tranquil state. Plus, the staff will work at your pace to assure that you remain comfortable the whole time. In as little as two visits, a person can obtain the smile that they have always dreamed about, so don’t delay any longer and schedule an appointment today.


Other Conveniences That Set Our Office Apart From The Rest


Specialists are on the staff, both in the office and at the on-site dental lab. These trained technicians take care of all of your same day denture needs under one roof. Many dentists have the devices manufactured at other locations, which means it may be weeks or months before patients receive their replacement teeth. So, consider this aspect when choosing your dentist. All of our rooms are modern, have flat-screen televisions for your viewing pleasure, and WiFi is even available to keep your device connected to the web. So, whenever you get ready for a change, contact our office to get your same day dentures.


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