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Your Heart’s Health And Periodontal Disease

Your Heart’s Health And Periodontal DiseasePeriodontal disease is also known as periodontal pathology and refers to a group of diseases that attack the periodontal tissues. There are a number of diseases that affect the structures supporting your teeth such as the connective fibers that anchor your teeth into the jaw bone and their sockets and your gums. However, the more common ones are the inflammatory conditions that are plaque-induced, specifically gingivitis and periodontitis. Fortunately, in some instances, gingivitis may not lead to periodontal disease.

But, in addition to research and medical data that indicates how gingivitis always precedes periodontitis, the professionals at Shine Dental Group want you to be aware of a more serious condition that could be linked to periodontal disease. Several studies have suggested the possibility that heart disease could be linked to gum disease and poor oral hygiene. So if proper brushing and flossing helps to prevent periodontal disease, does this mean that it will also help to prevent heart disease?
Although the evidence to support this is not cut and dried, the American Academy of Periodontology notes that individuals who have developed periodontal disease are two times as likely to develop heart disease or more specifically, coronary artery disease. Interestingly enough, one study indicated that the presence of cavities, gum disease, and even missing teeth were, just like cholesterol levels, predictors of heart disease.
Ironically, most individuals today have one of the cheapest and most powerful weapons for fighting heart disease right in their homes sitting in a holder in their bathroom. It is the common toothbrush and it typically costs less than $2 to purchase. But it takes more than just brushing your teeth to avoid these different oral and physical health conditions. Shine Dental Group advises that you schedule appointments for regular dental check-ups top help combat these unpleasant conditions.
During your check-up, we will examine your gums and if necessary, take x-rays to see whether or not periodontal disease is present. If it is diagnosed, we can provide proper treatment based on how far the condition has progressed. During your visit, we will provide a thorough cleaning, including periodontal scaling if necessary. The procedure removes plaque and tartar build-up from around, beneath, and even underneath the gum line. It is your best line of defense against periodontal disease, so if your gums have been bleeding or are swollen, we urge you to contact Shine Dental Group today and let us restore their health.


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