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Why You Need Regular Teeth Cleanings?

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Professional dental cleanings are an important part of protecting your oral hygiene and health. Brushing and flossing at home every day is critical to removing plaque and keeping your mouth healthy, but professional dental cleaning can address tartar, build-up, and other dangers to your oral health that you are unable to remove on your own.

Plaque forms on your teeth due to bacteria in the mouth; while twice-daily brushing removes a significant amount of plaque, over time, plaque hardens into tartar and stains, especially around the gumline. This type of tartar buildup can only be removed with specialized training and equipment. In addition, visiting the dentist for a regular cleaning also includes screening for other serious dental problems like gum disease, gingivitis, or oral cancer. Dentists recommend that adults receive a professional cleaning at least once every six months or twice a year. 

Why get a regular dental cleaning?

Regular dental cleanings from a professional are important to detect problems before they become more severe. They are also important for preventative care against gum disease, periodontitis, and cavities, among other problems.

Tartar buildup and plaque accumulation can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Even if you brush and floss routinely, it is impossible to remove this kind of buildup on your own. Decay can also take place between teeth, a problem that is much more difficult to detect or prevent on your own.

This buildup of plaque and tartar can also lead to gum disease. Tartar may irritate and infiltrate the gum line, pulling gums back from the teeth, inflaming the gums, and allowing for further bacterial infections of the gums and bone. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to bone infections, tooth loss, and other major complications, including an escalated risk of heart attack and stroke. The type of tartar that collects to cause gum disease cannot be removed at home by brushing and flossing. Your regular professional cleaning can help to prevent serious damage and later tooth loss.

A dental cleaning can also address other areas of concern, like bad breath and dental stains. Tartar buildup can lead to a bad taste in the mouth as well as bad breath. Many dental stains may not be effectively treated with at-home whitening products; your dentist or hygienist may offer solutions at your regular dental cleaning.

Untreated dental infections and problems can lead to other serious medical problems; there is a strong link between heart disease and oral health. Your dentist can also examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer or other serious illnesses. This type of preventative care can save your teeth and protect your overall health.

What happens at a dental cleaning?

At Shine Dental Associates, our skilled Long Island dentists and hygienists work to provide comfortable, painless dental cleaning. We aim to make all of our patients comfortable, even if you are anxious about dental treatment or have not had a cleaning in some time.

Your cleaning will include an initial examination of the teeth, specialized removal of tartar and plaque, polishing of the teeth, professional flossing, and oral hygiene recommendations moving forward. Your dentist or hygienist may make recommendations for other treatments for your specific oral health concerns, including fluoride treatments, whitening procedures, or other concerns. Dental cleanings are important to keep you looking and feeling your best, healthiest, and most confident.

Please remember that it is never too late to improve your oral health. If you have not had a professional cleaning for a while, you can take action today to protect your teeth and get back into your routine. Contact Shine Dental Associates at 516-271-0753 to make your cleaning appointment today.


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