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Why Would A Dentist Remove Baby Teeth?

Why Would A Dentist Remove Baby Teeth?As children grow and develop, they get two sets of teeth: their baby teeth come in early when they’re just a few years old, and as they grow up their full-size adult teeth replace them one by one as their heads grow and their jaws become big enough to hold them. The whole process is very natural, and as each adult tooth becomes ready to emerge the baby tooth above it will loosen and fall out. So then why would a family dentist on Long Island (or wherever you live) suggest removing one early?


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While the process of baby teeth coming out and adult teeth coming in is natural, it doesn’t always go off without a hitch. Sometimes a baby tooth will stick around for longer than what’s healthy, and if they don’t clear out in time it can cause the adult tooth underneath to come in at a bad angle. A family dentist on Long Island might decide to remove a baby tooth if it’s been long enough since the tooth should have come out or if they see something happening to the adult tooth in an x-ray.


To Create A Clear Path


One reason adult teeth come in one at a time is so that they can guide each other into the right spots. Baby teeth and adult teeth don’t completely match up since they come in different sizes and numbers, so baby teeth can’t always guide the adult teeth into the right spots. If adult teeth seem to be emerging in the wrong order, a family dentist might remove baby teeth to change the order and make sure the adult teeth come out straight and even.


To Remove Infected Or Damaged Teeth


A baby tooth with an infection or a cavity needs to be treated even though it’s not going to say in the child’s mouth forever. This is because bacteria hides in cavities, and the extra bacteria is likely to cause infections and cavities in the child’s gums and permanent teeth. If it’s about time for the infected tooth to come out anyway, or if the tooth is chipped and damaged, a dentist may remove it early.

Another reason a family dentist on Long Island might choose to remove a tooth is to get the mouth ready for braces or other orthodontic work. So while the process of permanent teeth coming in might be natural, it can cause some issues that a family dentist can help your child avoid.


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