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When Should You Consider Getting Dental Implants?

When Should You Consider Getting Dental Implants?When it comes to replacing broken or missing teeth, Shine Dental Group of Long Island offers a number of options to correct this issue including bridges, dentures, or dental implants. The consensus among many dentists is that proper dental care should involve a tooth-conserving approach to these issues so they treat these issues with a fixed bridge. However, this option requires altering the surrounding, healthier teeth to accommodate the placement of this particular prosthetic.

If you want to replace broken or missing teeth while at the same time conserving the rest of your permanent teeth, a dental implant procedure might be your best option over bridges or dentures. Dental implants are a better, more natural alternative for these issues because they are a much less invasive, longer lasting solution. So when patients come to us to replace their broken or missing teeth, there are usually 4 reasons why we will recommend this cosmetic dentistry option rather than a different procedure:

To conserve your jawbone’s structure – opting for a dental bridge is not always the right decision, especially when you consider that implants help to preserve the structure of your jawbone. Conversely, when you have a bridge, the jawbone under the missing tooth will eventually begin deteriorating.

To preserve your facial appearance – your face will appear sunken in when your jawbone begins deteriorating. As a result, it will make you look older than your true age. The posts used in a dental implant procedure actually help to produce more jawbone mass and will help to prevent that sunken facial appearance.

To prevent your teeth from moving into the space created by the missing tooth – when a patient has lost a tooth, the teeth surrounding the empty space that has been created will start shifting over time in order to fill that gap. Since this could lead to further dental complications, the placement of a dental implant will prevent any shifting from occurring.

To support your dentures – many denture wearers must deal with a variety of complications and inconveniences such as food restrictions, mouth sores, poor fit, and sunken lips. In these cases, implant-supported dentures may be the right way to address these issues. When implants are used to support dentures this provides you with a fixed, permanent solution.

If you’ve been looking for an affordable solution to broken and missing teeth, please contact Shine Dental Group today and schedule an appointment so we can show you how you can restore your smile with dental implants.


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