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What Goes On During A Dental Implant Procedure?

Dental procedureDental implants are used when a person loses a tooth due to extraction, injury, or disease, and a dental implant procedure is one that should never be feared! With today’s advances in modern dentistry, receiving a dental implant is painless and easy, and it can save you a significant amount of trouble later on due to bone deterioration and further tooth loss.

The first part of a dental implant procedure is the placing of a titanium post into the hole left by a missing root in the jawbone. The post can be thought of as a new root for a new fully functional tooth, and the placing of the post will create an anchor for both the tooth and the jawbone itself. When a person loses a tooth for any reason, the area of jawbone that was once used to support the root will no longer have a purpose to serve, and this can lead to deterioration. During the course of deterioration, other adjacent teeth may also be compromised, thus creating an avalanche situation where more teeth could be lost as the bone continues to deteriorate. The post gives that portion of jawbone a purpose again, and saves it from deterioration, as it also subsequently supports your new tooth!

Once the post has been placed and fused to the jawbone, a new tooth will then be put onto the post in the form of a crown. This tooth will look and function just like its natural predecessor, and your smile as well as your bite and chewing capability will return to its original state, giving you an ideal replacement for the lost tooth!

Dental implant procedures are often painless and result in minimal discomfort during and after the course of the process. Many patients find that they can easily return to work or their other daily activities after receiving a dental implant, and they are very pleased with the results they receive. At Shine Dental Associates, we provide dental implant services to our Syosset Long Island area patients, and if you think your smile could benefit from a dental implant procedure, contact us today for a consultation!


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