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What Are The Main Reasons Teeth Get Discolored?

Discoloration of the teeth is a common sight among adults. It can be found in almost every second person due to the foods that are consumed and other related issues. Yet, many individuals do not understand the type of discolorations that can occur over time and just assume it is all related to the foods they consume. There are a few different reasons for one seeing their teeth becoming discolored. Let’s take a look at some of these causes and the reasons behind them becoming such an issue for one’s teeth.


Let’s begin with the commonly discussed reason for discoloration and one that is known by almost everyone. The foods that are consumed can lead to the enamel darkening and this leads to that appearance of discoloration that bothers patients. The consumables that can do this to individuals include, but are not limited to things such as soda, coffee, and even smoking.  It is important to regularly maintain one’s teeth through brushing and flossing when these are being consumed on a regular basis. Many individuals do not and they see immediate discoloration, which is unfortunate.

Inner Structural Damage

This is often more severe and takes a different approach to treat. There are several reasons for one seeing such inner structural damage that leads to eventual discoloration. This can include issues such as having too much fluoride in one’s water and/or other related items or trauma to the teeth that has gone untreated.


This is one that is simply unavoidable and that is the idea of aging. One will age and time tends to give the teeth a regular beating and this is just a part of life. The dentin around the teeth will start to weaken and this leads to discoloration. Of course, it is important to remember that one’s bad habits in terms of eating can worsen this issue tenfold.

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