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What Are The Best Ways To Replace Missing Teeth?

Most people may do nothing about a missing tooth and leave the space empty. That’s because they don’t know the gravity of the situation. A layman may think that leaving a missing tooth space empty is harmless. But, the truth is just the opposite.

An empty space between teeth can affect the way the rest of the teeth bite together. The adjoining teeth have a tendency of becoming loose due to the space in between them. The teeth can tilt and drift into the gap. Food particles can accumulate among the adjoining teeth causing tooth decay and gum disease easily. It can cause the facial muscles to become saggy, and the speech and appearance of the face can be affected.

The most important thing is the affect that it can have on your self esteem. Considering all these disadvantages, the best option is to replace the missing tooth without further delay.

There are several treatment options available to replace a missing tooth. The most prominent are dentures, bridges and dental implants. The best option for your condition will be decided by checking the condition of the other teeth, the location of the missing tooth and the number of teeth missing.


Soon after the tooth is removed, you can get a temporary denture fixed to the space. The jawbone will take a couple of months to completely heal after a tooth extraction. Once the jawbone and gums heal completely, the temporary denture my become loose and need adjustments. This is the time where a permanent denture can be fixed. A denture is a plastic or metal framework carrying false teeth.


If you have one or two teeth missing, your dentist may recommend a bridge. Bridges are made of metal or porcelain. Bridges are cemented in place and cannot be removed for cleaning. The gap under the bridge should be cleaned with a dental floss in order to keep the natural teeth healthy.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium metal rod that is placed on the jawbone in order to hold a false tooth in place. After several months the jawbone fuses with the titanium metal rod. Implants require a surgical procedure. Your gums should be strong to hold an implant.

What is the best option for you to replace missing teeth?  That depends on various factors and it is something that can be determined after you are examined by our board certified periodontist, Dr. Vikas Mittle.

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