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What About Porcelain Crowns for Tooth Restoration?

Porcelain crowns, bridge, dental plateMany patients come to the office asking us about crowns, how long they last, and how they could be made to look as aesthetic as possible.

At Shine Dental Associates we present many options to the patients regarding the materials that we use to fabricate crowns. And the one we usually suggest is something that’s made up of all porcelain.

Why porcelain crowns? Here are several reason they’re so effective and popular in cosmetic dentistry…

  1. It’s a restoration that can last a very long time;
  2. It is very durable;
  3. You can eat whatever you want;
  4. It doesn’t give off any dark shadows;
  5. It doesn’t have any silver or gold;
  6. It can match your existing shade, and
  7. It can be used to create a whole new smile.

At Shine Dental we have our in house lab that can perfectly match the shade that you’re looking to achieve, or perhaps create a new shade and a new look for you by putting multiple crowns in on your existing teeth which is a permanent restoration which will last a very long time.

Please note: You cannot whiten those crowns after they’re placed so you can choose a color that you want to have for the rest of your life, or as long as those crowns will last, depending on the maintenance that you provide them with. And you can come into our office for regular maintenance, we’ll be happy to make sure that they last a lifetime for you.

So give us a call, insurance usually covers the replacement and fabrication of the crowns. So come in here for a free consultation and give us a call at 516-348-8500 and we’ll be happy to see you and help you in any way we can.


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