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We Do Dentures!As we’ve spent a couple of weeks in 2016 already, we wonder how you’ve done in keeping your resolutions.  Did you resolve to get your finances in order this year? Or did you make a resolution to be kinder and more patient with others around you? Maybe you’ve decided that this is the year when you will finally take care of the missing teeth that you have been living with for a while now.

At Shine Dental, we know that there are many reasons why people lose their teeth. Maybe you see yourself in one or more of the following:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Infrequent dental visits
  • Poor nutrition
  • Tooth trauma
  • Grinding your teeth
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking and/or chewing tobacco
  • Having multiple missing teeth

Regardless of how you lost your teeth in the past, it is very important that you take control now and do your best to correct the problem before it gets worse.

We offer plenty of options for replacing your missing teeth that are not only affordable, but will look completely natural.

Partial Dentures

When you are missing just a few teeth, partial dentures are an affordable option to get your smile back where it should be.  We offer three different types of partial dentures including conventional, semi-precision, and precision.  The price varies between each and the method with which they adhere to your teeth differ as well. At Shine Dental, or experienced dentists will evaluate your needs and help you pick the best option to fit your mouth and your budget.

Full Dentures

When you are missing multiple teeth, or if you need to have multiple teeth pulled, a full set of dentures might be just what you need. Full dentures are removable so you can take them out to be cleaned or when you sleep. And our skilled technicians can create a customized denture plate that will make you look and feel better than ever. You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll be able to eat once you have a fully functional mouth again!

Best of all, we can get you fitted and set up with your dentures all in the same day.  You won’t have to worry about being toothless any longer thanks to our professional staff in our on-site lab.

Located on the Jerico Turnpike in Syosset, Shine Dental is conveniently located and a short drive from anywhere. We offer free consultations so call us to set up an appointment ASAP.  Let this be the year of you. The year that you change your mouth and your appearance along with it.  The year that you feel better, look younger, and smile more often.


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