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The Unexpected Consequences Of A Healthy Smile

The Unexpected Consequences Of A Healthy SmileSmiling is contagious. My mother told me this on my first day of school. In fact, if you haven’t received this advice multiple times in your life, I would be surprised. This old nugget of wisdom is grounded in truth. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Feel Better

This one goes deeper than your average positive attitude platitude. There are many blind studies showing that the physical act of smiling releases both serotonin and endorphins. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that not only reduces the body’s sensitivity to pain, but also creates a sense of happy calm. Endorphins are known to relieve stress and combat pain. Smiling can make you feel better.

2. Be Healthier

The health benefits of smiling are legion. It has been shown to make you relax. This leads to lower blood pressure and better sleep. It has been shown to bolster the immune system allowing the body to avoid and fight off disease before damage can take its toll.

3. Make More Money

Attractive people make more money than unattractive people. This is the finding of recent research into pay disparity. Your smile is one of the key attributes of attractiveness. Its also one of the easiest physical traits to improve through good dental care and even cosmetic dentistry.

4. Build Your Circle Of Friends

Facebook and Twitter don’t have a monopoly on making friends and influencing people. The first of all social media was the smile. It makes us seem friendlier and more competent than we are. Before you “like” someone, show them that you like them with a simple smile.

5. Go Deeper In Your Relationships

Nothing promotes trust and communication like a smile. Smiling eases the inhibitions that arise when social pressures and difference arise. The lack of visual cues is one reason that online communication can be so frustrating. Without the smiles to grease communication, misunderstandings abound. With your friends and family, smiling is like a hot bath that eases the day’s pains away.

If you have an imperfect smile, you can still gain these important attributes for yourself. Cosmetic dentistry is safer and more affordable than ever. With porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and porcelain crowns, any problem with crooked teeth, big gaps, and discolored teeth can be permanently improved. In Long Island, Shine Dental offers all these services and more.


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