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The Importance of Routine Teeth Cleanings

the-importance-of-routine-teeth-cleaningsRoutine cleanings at your dentist every six months are critical when it comes to providing your teeth with the best care and maintenance throughout the year. A white colored film may begin to build upon the surface of your teeth over time and this white substance, known as plaque, can wreak havoc on your mouth and teeth. The plaque needs to be removed by brushing, flossing, and routine dental cleanings to help stop tooth loss, gum disease, and even tooth loss in both children and adults.

Important Benefits of Teeth Cleanings

• A dental hygienist will be able to successfully remove most of the stains and surface buildup of the teeth that can cause discoloration. When this is done, your teeth will be whiter, and your smile will be a lot brighter.

• Routine tooth cleanings help prevent a series of problems including gum disease and cavities

• Routine cleanings help reduce your risk of other health problems associated with poor dental health such as cardiovascular issues and oral cancer.

• Cleanings also allow the dentist and hygienist to discover any potential problems early on, so they can be dealt    with in a timely manner to avoid complications in the future.

• Most dental plans will cover these routine cleanings every year, and this will save you more money in the long run because you are taking care of your teeth as you should. It helps avoid more costly issues later.

• Regular cleanings can also help to combat bad breath.

If you are still not convinced of the many benefits associated with a routine cleaning at your dentist’s office, then you should call for more information. Family dentistry in Long Island is more than willing to answer any questions the patient may have regarding their oral hygiene and health and the many other benefits that are associated with routing teeth cleanings every six months.


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