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The First Of All Social Media Was The Smile

The First Of All Social Media Was The SmileOf all aspects of your appearance, your smile is the one that communicates the most. Before the invention of Facebook or even MySpace, the smile was how you built a circle of friends. In fact, before the invention of any human technology, the smile was how people built trust, gained allies, and survived in a hostile world. Not only is the smile your most important facial asset, it is also the easiest to improve and fix in the case of damage. There is no reason not to have the best smile possible. Here are a few reasons to get your smile looking incredible.

1. A great smile can extend your lifespan

This may seem like an outlandish claim, but its backed by some very sound science. The physical act of smiling promotes the release of neurotransmitters, serotonin and endorphins, that relax you. This leads to long lasting physical changes. Your blood pressure, sleep cycles, and general mood can all be improved by smiling. Because it’s good for your heart, it can actually significantly extend your life. By smiling, you’ll get others to respond with a smile, which makes you smile all the more. It’s a virtuous cycle that improves everyone’s health.

2. A great smile can help you achieve your ambition

Charismatic people are often picked for leadership positions over their peers. A smile is the essence of charisma and attractiveness. It helps you build trust with superiors and subordinates alike. It may cost a little money to perfect, but in the end your smile can earn you a charisma bonus.

3. A great smile can improve your relationships

Of course, the best people to smile at are the ones you love. Your smile may be what attracts your lifelong loves to you in the first place. The best thing is that your smile can engender the improvement in mood in other people just as it does for you. This service you provide to others can be returned to you in kind. This mutual enforcement of happiness and health can only deepen your relationship with those around you.

If those aren’t good enough reasons to fix your smile, here’s another. There is no stigma attached to cosmetic dental work. People will only notice the improvement. In Long Island, Shine Dental Associates has a complete array of services available to you.


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