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The Benefits Of Obtaining A Night Guard From A General Dentist

The Benefits Of Obtaining A Night Guard From A General DentistBruxism is an issue for many people worldwide. It is the process of clenching or grinding the upper and lower teeth together. The cause of the problem is not universal, and it will differ between individuals, but sometimes researchers say it is a side-effect of…

• Stress, Anxiety, Or Tension
• Suppressed Anger
• Certain Medications
• Irregular Sleep Habits
• A Misaligned Bite

It is also notable to mention that in children, teeth grinding may be a sign of an earache or infection, which will likely need to become treated by a physician. However, for most adults, regardless of why bruxism is occurring, it will be in their best interest to seek assistance from a general dentist. The act usually happens at night, and on many occasions, people remain unaware of the incident until after teeth sustain damages. Symptoms of teeth grinding include but are not limited to…

• Headache
• Sore Jaws
• Cracked Tooth Enamel
• Broken Or Chipped Teeth

Not everyone that wakes up with an occasional symptom here or there will need a night guard. Sometimes, bruxism is only temporary, and the ailments tend to correct themselves in a short amount of time. People that are having problems deciding whether there is an issue or not, which also have a sleep partner, should request for the other party to monitor their behavior during shut-eye. The observation will be useful for finding the concern so that you can seek the appropriate help.


Ask Our General Dentist About The Occlusal Guard


Occlusal guards go by quite a few names. They are also commonly referred to as night guards and even occlusal or bite splints. The team creates a transparent, acrylic mold to fit your teeth perfectly and comfortably. After all, not many people will be able to sleep with an awkward, uncomfortable feeling orthotic device in their mouth. The material serves as a bumper between the upper and lower teeth that prevents chipping, scratching, and physical pain.

Our general dentist office offers many other services too, so don’t worry if you are not in the market for a guard. Instead, contact one of our staff members to schedule an appointment to discuss your same day dentures, repairs, and relines, dental implants, periodontal service, or cosmetic dentistry needs. It will be our pleasure to aid you in obtaining the gorgeous smile of your dreams.


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