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The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry To Be Aware Of

The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry To Be Aware OfLaser dentistry is an effective, precise, and virtually painless form of modern dentistry that eliminates the pain that is attributed to the use of a standard dental drill in certain dental procedures. The primary causes of pain and discomfort is heat, pressure, and vibration, all of which is eliminated when a procedure is performed using a dental laser. Since a number of procedures are now literally pain-free, this also eliminates the need for anesthesia. However, there are additional benefits to be aware of.


Accuracy And Precision

In laser dentistry procedures, bone and gum tissue along with tooth enamel decay can be effectively removed while not affecting any of the surrounding areas. In so doing, more of the natural tooth structure is preserved thereby enabling you to keep and maintain more of your natural teeth for a longer period of time.


Bleeding And Swelling Are Reduced

The cutting of gums and soft tissues is very conservative in any laser dentistry procedure because of how precise it is. As a result, patients experience far less bleeding and less post-operative swelling after a procedure.


Fewer Visits To The Dentist

Since laser dentistry eliminates the need for anesthesia in most cases, cavity preps can be performed on any area of the mouth in a single visit to Shine Dental Associates. This also provides our dentists with the technology necessary to perform a number of other dental procedures which were typically referred to specialists in years gone by. This also saves you a considerable amount of hassle and time.


Reduced Trauma To The Treated Area

Cracks and fractures in the teeth oftentimes result when a standard high-speed dental drill is used during a procedure. As a result, other dental problems may arise in the future. For all intents and purposes, laser dentistry reduces the risk of any damage occurring to the healthier portions of your tooth or teeth, thereby minimizing the amount of trauma that occurs to the treated areas.



Laser dentistry is very versatile in that it can be used to correct and treat a broad variety of hard and soft tissue issues and problems. It is extremely effective for performing a number of procedures including bone and gum surgical procedures, cavity preparation, removal of tooth decay, root canal therapy, and smile makeovers.

These are just 5 of the primary benefits of laser dentistry. For more information about this dental application, please contact Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore today.


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