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The Advice Columnists Are Right: The Little Things Do Count

The Advice Columnists Are Right: The Little Things Do CountThe best way to ensure a happy mouth is to incorporate simple things into your daily routine that support excellent oral health.

We have a tendency to think if we simply brush and floss regularly, we’ve done our part to secure optimal oral health. Though our morning and night routines build the foundation of our mouth care, it’s the little things we do or don’t do every day that contribute to making or breaking our smiles.


What You Eat Makes A Difference

Of course we all know chomping on too much sugar and candy can cause damage to not only our bodies, but the health of our teeth, but did you know that eating certain things can improve the condition of your mouth? True. Incorporating more foods that boost gum health and kill bacteria are essential to effective everyday assistance in the smile zone. Start upping your intake of these foods: citrus fruits, celery, sesame seeds, and raisins.


What You Drink Makes A Difference

Like we said, set down the sugary stuff. Less soda and less added sugar in teas and coffee. Coffee can erode enamel and stain your teeth, but if you replace it with green tea, you’re not only not reaping those negative side effects, but you’re raking in rewards. Green tea not only kills harmful bacteria, but hinders the growth of new bacteria. This efficiently cuts down on the causes of bad breath. Right up there with the sugary stuff is more sugary stuff, but different. Though we all like a nice cocktail here and there, alcoholic beverages degrade the health of our mouth. It can cause tooth decay and enamel breakdown.


What You Do Makes A Difference

We all like a little reward or guilty pleasure indulgence every once in a while, but making a habit of bad habits can greatly impact the condition of our mouths. Smoking and drug use are major contributors to tooth and gum damage.

Help us help you. By including or excluding certain things from our daily routines, we support our overall oral health. We here at Shine Dental Group want to be your ally in excellent oral hygiene. Let’s work together to keep you and your mouth happy.


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