Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Take Me Out To The BallgameWinter is long and cold and mostly dark. Once the holidays pass, we have little to look forward to until spring. We batten down the hatches and wait for the N.Y. Mets and the N.Y. Yankees to start spring training so we can feel closer to the end of the snow.

Stadium Eats

One of the best things about going to Citi Field or Yankee Stadium is the variety of foods available to nosh on while watching the game. Long ago, the baseball stadiums didn’t offer much more than peanuts, hot dogs, and cracker jacks. Things have certainly changed! Today, you can get pretty much whatever you want to eat, from cheesesteaks to chicken-n-waffles.

Of course, if you have ill-fitting dentures, you just might feel like sticking to the beer and soda pop. No one wants to take the chance that their dentures will slip in all the wrong places during the seventh-inning stretch.

Keep ‘Em In

What if there was a way to keep your dentures secure without the use of gels and pastes? What if you could make one trip, maybe two, to your dentist and have a mouth full of stable teeth that will allow you to eat whatever you like without worry? At Shine Dental Associates, we can provide you this opportunity through the use of dental implants.

Dental implants are tiny metal screws that are implanted directly into the jawbone. Though this may sound like an uncomfortable procedure, the staff at Shine Dental will be sure that you are as comfortable as you can be. Most implants can be done using simple local anesthesia, but for those who are anxious, we offer sedation as well as nitrous oxide.

Once the implants are placed, your dentures will then snap right onto the implants to provide stability and give you the confidence that you may have lacked before. Implants will help you retain bone structure and prevent jaw shrinkage while helping to keep your gums healthy. Imagine no more slipping; no more stress on your other teeth. And you can still remove your dentures for cleaning or at night while you sleep.

Stop By And See Us

The professional staff at Shine Dental Associates can help you gain the stability you need with your teeth. From upper and lower overdentures, to implant supported partial dentures and bridges, we will access your needs and find the fit that will work best for you.

So, while the snow continues to fly in N.Y and our boys are down in Tampa and Port St. Lucie preparing for a new season, you can get a start on your dental work and be ready for opening day. April will be here before you know it and those cheesesteaks will be calling your name.

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