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Take Extra Care With Your Teeth After Major Work

Take Extra Care With Your Teeth After Major WorkSometimes, in order to have a full, healthy looking set of teeth, some major dental work is required, such as getting dental implants for example or having some teeth extracted in order to avoid crowding. While this kind of work is necessary for the long run for the general health and neatness of your mouth, it also involves a certain amount of trauma. That means that once the work is done, you can’t just go back to eating, drinking, brushing and flossing as normal. Some extra care is required in the hours and days after this type of work has been completed.

Be Delicate With Your Mouth

For the first 48 hours after major work, it’s best to avoid hot drinks, as well as any touching with fingers, tongue, or, of course, a toothbrush. Keep in mind that as you recover, some bruising, pain and even bleeding are normal. If the pain and bleeding persist for many days after, then it’s time to consult with your dentist. In most cases, however, the discomfort experienced by dental implants or extractions can be dealt with using mild, off the shelf analgesics. If you smoke, take this opportunity to try giving it up, or, at the very least, avoid smoking while recovering as it has a large, negative impact on the healing process.


You should still be brushing the rest of your teeth, just avoid the area that has had work done. Eventually, as you test the tenderness of the area, you can start gently brushing it after a few days. Hot salt mouthwash should eventually be used during the first week. Try to keep food from contaminating the area. Rinse your mouth after meals to help with this and wash food away.

By taking a little extra care and maintenance during this delicate time, you’ll quickly recover from work such as dental implants and eventually return to taking care of your teeth and gums as normal.


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