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Should You Ever Repair Your Dentures On Your Own?

smiling couple with fixed denturesAnyone who wears dentures will more than likely find that at some point in time they will need repairs. Some of the different things that can happen that warrant repairs will include a crack in the tooth or even a break after the dentures fall onto the floor. In any of these and other situations, it is very important that the dentures are brought into a dental professional to have them repaired.

Leave Denture Repair To Your Dental Professional

While it may seem as though you can fix the dentures yourself, you may find that you can end up doing more harm than good to do so. More often than not, someone who tries to repair their own dentures can actually make the issue much worse and will end up causing them more money for repairs in the long run.

In any situation where you find that you need your dentures fixed, try to get an appointment to have them looked at as soon as possible. Usually, you will see that your dental professional will hold open emergency slots for those patients who need immediate attention such as an important denture repair.

As with anything, you are going to find that the better you treat your dentures the longer they will last. Some people who tend to grind their teeth at night will be best off soaking their dentures in water or a solution to clean dentures as they sleep. This will help to avoid any unnecessary damage to your precious dentures.

With that being said, accidents do happen. You may even find that your dental professional can instruct you on how to perform a temporary fix until you can get into the office for emergency denture repairs. Other than that, it is always best to leave your denture repair to a professional that is trained to fix them properly.

The dentists at Shine Dental Associates are very experienced at dentures repairs, relines, and fabrication. Whatever problem you’re having with your dentures we can fix, quickly!

Call us today at (516) 348-8500 to have us repair your dentures – instead of trying to do it yourself.


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