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Sedation Dentistry at Shine Dental Associates

older couple with nice teethAre you scared of the dentist? Does that high pitch sound of the drill make you nervous of going to the dentist?

Don’t worry. It’s not just you. There are many people out there that are very nervous about getting dental treatment done.

Good News.You don’t have to be fearful of the dentist anymore! At Shine Dental in Syosset New York we make even the most nervous patients feel comfortable. With our state of the art, patient centric office, we make every patient feel at ease.

With Wifi and Google TV in every room to drown out that annoying sound and the friendly courteous staff, we make you feel like you’re not even at the dental office!

In addition, conscious sedation is available for all of our patients. Now, you can completely  relax in the office and not even remember what dental treatment was performed. With our sedation doctor you can get all your dental treatment done in ONE VISIT.

From cleanings, fillings, extractions, periodontal and dental implants, you will feel confident in your smile.

Replace those missing teeth with dental implants.  Stabilize those dentures with dental implants. Start tasting your food again. No more swallowing the toxic dental adhesive. Cosmetic makeovers in as little as one visit. Sweet air is also available to take the edge off and relax while dental treatment is being performed.

Periodontal disease is now associated with a slew of other systemic disease namely diabetes, heart disease and premature birth. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria underneath the gum tissue that is causing all this destruction. If you don’t get teeth cleaned regularly you may have this disease.

According the American Academy of Periodontology over 40% of the population has periodontal disease. Don’t wait! Come into Shine Dental for complimentary consultation for dental implants, periodontal treatment and sedation.

If you are nervous and want sedation, please let us know. We have a sedation specialist available and we will do everything to make your experience comfortable. Insurance is accepted and interest free financing is available.


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