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Remember That You’re An Example To Your Kids

Remember That You’re An Example To Your KidsIt can be unfortunately common for adults to not get the kind of dental care they need. Everyone should visit a family dentist on Long Island (or wherever you might live) twice every year for tooth inspections and to scrape off tartar, but all too often we put off these visits or avoid them completely. Sometimes this can even keep going after we become parents, parents with kids who have their own teeth that need caring for, but it’s important for parents to lead by example and dentist visits are one way of doing so.

A big part of why people avoid dentists is because it invites bad news. When a family dentist on Long Island or anywhere inspects our teeth, they can find cavities, and cavities mean fillings which mean pain. Or it might need something even worse, like a root canal. Or even if this worry doesn’t bother you, you still might avoid trips to the dentist because they take up time you’d rather not waste on a tooth cleaning.

But whether you like it or not, your kids are always paying attention to what you say and do—and that includes the things you don’t do. Children need to visit dentists and other tooth specialists often to make sure their teeth come in right, to fix early cavities, and to correct teeth so kids can have a good bite and a beautiful smile when they become adults. But if they see you neglecting your own teeth, they’ll think they should do the same thing once they have the freedom to set their own dentist appointments.

So when parents care for their own teeth, they’re also helping their kids care for their own teeth later in life. It can also help to have your kids set up their own appointments once they enter high school so they can get comfortable with how it works.

Ultimately, a family dentist in Long Island really does serve the whole family, and families need to care for the teeth of every member and not just the kids with developing jaws. And while fillings and root canals can be painful, the pain is worth it when you want to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible.


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