Quick and Easy Precautions for Your Veneers, Implants, and Dentures

Quick and Easy Precautions for Your Veneers, Implants, and DenturesNo matter what method you’ve chosen to enhance your mouth health and smile, the fact is, in some aspects, they must be cared for like natural teeth. Like natural teeth, their longevity can be greatly enhanced by a few simple considerations.

We at Shine Dental Group want you to have the best, most confident smile in Long Island. Our services offer an array of options for your needs, but our concerns for you don’t stop there. After you’ve had your procedure, we want you to have the tools to care for your new smile in the long run.

Whether you’ve chosen veneers, implants, or dentures, here are a few fast tips to your keep your smile healthy and gleaming down the road.


Oral Care

Having a solid and regular mouth care routine is essential. Using a soft bristled brush and non-abrasive toothpaste will maintain the quality of your new smile without eroding its components faster than necessary. Frequent visits to your dental professional will keep your oral health on track and prevent possible problems before they arise.


Food Care

Taking care to cut up your food and thoroughly chewing what you eat seems obvious, but when you’re no longer dealing with your natural teeth, you have to be aware of how you chew and bite into things. Though the components to your new smile are secure, taking extra care by not chomping into the hardest apple you can find or allowing chunks of debris to become lodged in your mouth is essential to the long term quality of your veneers, implants, and dentures.


Appearance Care

Functionality isn’t the only concern for your new smile. Appearance can also be a key factor in your choice to invest the time and money into your mouth. Sugary foods and beverages can contribute to the degradation of your new smile. Stain causing foods can also taint the overall color of your veneers, implants, and dentures. Keep these elements to a minimum.

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