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Permanent Solutions

Permanent SolutionsAlthough dental implants have gained increased usage over the past ten years, many patients are unfamiliar with the benefits and possible applications that this technique can offer in regards to oral health. The Shine Dental Group has experienced periodontists who perform this procedure for many inhabitants of the Long Island community, with results that mimic the appearance and functionality of natural teeth. After learning more about this procedure and consulting with our staff during a check-up, you may wish to consider this as an alternative to your existing dental work.

All In The Anchor

For more than a decade, dental implants have been used to replace individual teeth that have been lost due to injury or disease. This technique employs the insertion of a screw or post into the jawbone, so that a prosthetic tooth may be anchored in the same manner that a natural tooth is by the root. The result is greater stability and a more natural appearance as the fabricated tooth is allowed to fit flush into the gums.

More recently, dental implants have also been utilized for larger replacements. This includes full and partial dentures as well as bridgework. The benefits for the use of implants with these devices includes those for individual tooth replacement, but also extends to better oral health. Traditional bridges will use surrounding teeth to hold them in place. This may result in loosening and wear on those teeth, as well as damage to the jaw bone. For people with full and partial dentures, implants can signify a better and more stable fit. It also means that denture adhesives do not need to be used.

Overall Health

The natural fit and wear of prosthetics with dental implants generates better hygiene and oral health. Teeth that are fastened with implants do not irritate the gums or cause further wear on the tissue, and they also do not slide around while chewing. Patients who have dental implants to modify bridgework and dentures report greater comfort and less trouble with maintenance. A return to more natural living is the ultimate result of this technique.

Our website shows both demonstrations of procedure and expands on the techniques and uses of dental implants. By visiting our site you will get a greater overview of applicability, and a visit to our office will allow for an evaluation and consultation based on your specific needs. If you need or have had tooth replacements, then dental implants could be a viable option to improving your oral comfort and health.


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