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Open WideOral health concerns are one of the more pressing issues in healthcare today. This is because these heath problems can affect people from a number of economic and social backgrounds, and can also span a range of population ages.

The Shine Dental Group addresses a number of problems that can arise for people over the course of a lifetime. This can include simple maintenance procedures such as cleanings and x-rays, as well as addressing cavities, tooth loss, and periodontal factors that can affect anyone. General surveys about the importance of oral health have many people responding to the perception that early childhood and later life are the most important times to invest in good dental work, but the truth is that teeth are really a part of life, from beginning to end.

Developmental Beginnings

While babies do not generally start teething until they are about six months old, minute tooth buds already exist within the jaw line before dentition starts breaking through the gum line. X-rays can reveal issues such as crowding and spacing which can ultimately affect future tooth formation. This is common to look at in pre-adolescents and teen-agers as well, especially when wisdom teeth which have yet to appear can be a cause for concern.

Jaw malformations can also be detected at these early ages. Some genetic condition give individuals the propensity for unregulated bone growth in the jaw, and this condition often causes severe pain and headaches. Dental exams can detect such a problem early on and give solutions that will lead to a better quality of life.

Into The Middle

Some of the more common procedures for teenagers have been gaining popularity with older adults as well. This includes orthodontic procedures for simple straightening as well as larger cosmetic reconstruction. Often, problems with crooked dentition and overcrowding do not become fully apparent until the wisdom teeth have fully broken through, and this may be anywhere between the late teens to the mid thirties.

General tooth and mouth concerns can happen at any point in life. Chipped and lost teeth from accidents, cavities, or gum disease may arise during any age, and handling such instances quickly leads to less invasive procedures and a faster return to normalcy. Annual checkups may catch any developing degeneration, but may also diagnose loss of enamel or receding gums.

When Change Is Necessary

Replacing greater amounts of dentition is often considered a part of later maturation, but bone loss and genetic factors may also make this a concern at different life stages. Keeping a regular dental appointment can both identify and expedite situations where there is a need for full or partial dentures. Our website can not only give you an overview of all the services that may be necessary throughout life, but also educate you further as to the importance of maintaining your oral health. Often, the preventive measure of a checkup is the answer to a mouth that will always be glad to say “aah”.


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