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Maintaining Your Dental Implants

Maintaining your dental implants is very important not only to your overall health but also the long term stability of the implant.  Peri implantitis can develop if plaque and tarter becomes lodged under the gum tissue.  Peri implantitis is almost the same as periodontitis but rather than developing bone loss around teeth, you develop bone loss around implants.  If you get bone loss around your implant, the implant can potentially become loose and falls out.

After you replace the missing tooth with dental implants, or use the dental implants or mini implants to help stabilize your denture, it is very important to keep the area clean.  Regular dental cleanings every 3 months is critical.  It doesn’t matter whether you have one dental implant, multiple dental implants to replace several missing teeth or implants to help stabilize the denture.  Brushing twice a day and flossing, water pik or proxy brush is just as important for daily home care.  Mouth wash can help reduce the bacterial levels in the mouth.

If you notice that your bleeding around the implant, or the implant area looks swollen, it is very important to see the dentist as soon as possible.  Don’t wait.  it could be a sign of peri implantitis.  Don’t loose the implant due to bone loss.  Don’t let if affect your overall health.  Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore has a periodontist available that specializes in gums.

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