Westbury Residents: Get Dental Services Offered In Our Local Office

Westbury Residents: Get Dental Services Offered In Our Local Office Smile More for Less!

Our office employs all of the dental professionals and offers all of the dental services you could need under one roof. Here are some of the services that we commonly provide.

Periodontal Care

Periodontal disease, or gum disease as it’s most often referred to, is a serious problem that impacts millions of people across the planet. It’s one of the leading causes of tooth loss and many people live in chronic pain because of it. At the same time, so few people are unaware of what is causing their problem and do not understand that they need the assistance of a periodontist.

A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in gum disease. One of their most commonly performed procedure is the dental implant. Anyone suffering from the symptoms of gum disease is advised to visit a periodontist. Though, it’s often best to discuss the symptoms with your general dentist who will then refer you to a periodontist if necessary.

Our office offers both of these under the same roof. You can visit your general dentist here and then receive a referral for a periodontist who works in the same building. This saves you the hassle of hunting down specialists when you could be receiving the treatment you need.

Endodontic Treatment

You may also receive a referral for an endodontic specialist depending on your symptoms. These are dentists with specializations relating to the structures located inside the teeth, such as the tooth pulp. Just like the periodontist, you can find endodontic specialists right here in our office.

There are a number of reasons you might receive a referral for endodontic services. The most common signs of endodontic problems include teeth that are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, discoloration of the teeth, and inflammation of the gums.

These could be the symptoms of much larger problems that endodontic specialists often deal with. The symptoms could result from bacterial infections, tooth fractures, or minor injuries to the teeth. Endodontic specialists often perform root canals to eliminate the cause of the problems.

Other Dentistry

As you may have guessed, our office employs several qualified general dentists. These are the dentists who perform inspections, offer treatments, and help educate patients regarding proper dental care. Our general dentists will make recommendations to periodontists or endodontic specialists if any warning signs are discovered during a checkup.

We also employ a number of cosmetic dentists. No referral is needed for visitation. Their goal is to help improve your smile with procedures like dentures, veneers, teeth whitening, and smile sculpting. You can find all of these dental professional available under one roof at our local office.

Getting to Shine Dental Associates from Westbury is very easy. Just use the driving direction map below to find the best route for you…

Facts About Westbury, NY…

Westbury is a village in Nassau County, Long Island. The population was 15,146 at the 2010 census. The Incorporated Village of Westbury is in the Town of North Hempstead. It is located about 18 miles east of Manhattan.

Its home to the Westbury Music Fair performing venue now known as NYCB Theatre at Westbury.

Westbury School District students attend Westbury High School. Westbrook Preparatory School is a special school located in the village.

Westbury is a very diverse community, made up of Italian-Americans, African-Americans, Arab-Americans, Indian-Americans, Caribbeans; particularly Haitians and Jamaicans, and Hispanic Americans.

Population of 4,638 as of 2010. Westbury is a main line of the Long Island Railroad so its easy to get into Manhattan by train.

Home to State University of Old Westbury.

There are many things to do near Old Westbury. Like go to the Cradle of Aviation Museum or Roosevelt Field Mall which has many shops and restaurants.

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