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Shine Dental Associates is a full-service dentist that offers a wide range of treatments, including cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, dental implants, endodontics, periodontics, dentures, and more. Our highly trained dentist team can provide all of those services with sedation if it is necessary, for the treatment, or for your comfort as a patient.

We have a large team of dentists that are trained in various specialisms, and we appreciate the importance of being put at ease as a patient. We are committed to your comfort and safety, and we do everything we can to help you relax while you are in the dentist’s chair.

Dental Services Without Fear

We know that for some people, the thought of stepping into the dentist’s chair is an intimidating one. If that’s you, then sedation dentistry helps to make the trip a little less stressful. Whether you are getting simple treatments such as a tooth cleaning, or you are getting fitted for dentures, or having implants done, we can help you and make the treatment go that little bit more smoothly.

We offer cosmetic procedures, and general check-ups and treatments. We are happy to work with patients on a wide range of payment plans and insurance policies, and we work with people of all ages too.

Why Choose Us?

By offering all the dental services under one roof, we provide patients with the stability and comfort that comes from familiarity. You can build a relationship with our team, and you have the comfort of a routine, so whether you’re getting a general exam, a filling, a hygienist treatment, or getting implants fitted, you will do so at your local ‘family’ dentist. You can get a gumshield fitting, braces, or teeth whitening, all with one provider. One receptionist to contact, one place to visit, a team that has all your records in one place, and one set of billing. We make taking care of your teeth easy.

If you would like to know more about what we offer, or would like to get on our books, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your needs with you, and let you meet our dentists. You can book an appointment at a time that suits you, and arrange a consultation so that we can find out about your dental history and what treatments you may need. Take your first step towards a happy, healthy smile.

Shine Dental Associates is easy to get to if you live in Plainview. Use the driving directions in the map below if you need help finding our office.

More About Plainview, NY…

The small community of Plainview is located in the Town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County on New York’s Long Island.

The land on which the modern community sits was purchased in 1648 and used for the growing of both potatoes and cucumbers. When the railroad arrived in the area the farming market boomed.

However it was only after the end of WWII that the real boom times arrived for the community. It was after the conclusion of hostilities that many families decided to relocate to more rural areas and the outflow of people from New York changed the nature of Plainview.

The just over 26,000 citizens of Plainview today enjoy a great lifestyle. The area boasts several attractions and is off course within easy reach of the glittering lights of New York.

The quality of life for families calling this community home is made even more attractive by the community and state parks that are close by.

The largest of the community parks is the 19 acre Plainview Old Bethpage Community Park. The amenities at the park make it perfect for families to enjoy a day out. An Olympic sized swimming pool, playgrounds and plenty of fields and other facilities for ball sports add to the attraction, as do the hiking trails.

For those in search of history and culture The Walt Whitman Birthplace Historic Site is well worth a visit as it the Sagamore Hill historic site. This property was home to Theodore Roosevelt, who was the 26th president of the United States.

Plainview also is close by several fine dining spots and other attractions. the community is welcoming and it is simply a wonderful place to call home.

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