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Reasons To Choose Us For Your Dental Needs

Dental health is one of the most important aspects of your overall health. We understand its importance and strive to offer full all-around coverage stemming from general care to more specific dental services. We pride ourselves on being able to offer complete dental service coverage since we have our own on-site dental lab which allows us to handle our own restorations instead of having to rely on other third-party labs handle it for us. This allows us to offer an incredible amount of convenience to our patients.

Reasons To Choose Us:

1. Comprehensive Coverage.

We offer a range of dental services that can help you in all phases of your life. Whether you are in need of simple dental cleanings or more advanced dentistry needs, we have the ability to handle just about anything that you could want. We offer general dental services, restorative services, cosmetic services, emergency services, and even orthodontics. Choosing a dentist that offers complete coverage is key to achieve optimal dental health.

2. On-Site Lab.

Because we have made an investment in our own on-site dental lab, you are going to get the convenience that you might otherwise not get with other dental offices. We did this because we fully understand how important it is to have complete control over the quality of dental restorations. Along with this, having a dental lab on-site allows us to offer quick turnarounds which can help our patients get what they need faster.

3. Emergency Services.

Dental emergencies never happen at convenient times. Along with this, dental emergencies are best handled as quickly as possible to avoid the condition worsening. Because of this, we offer complete emergency dental care coverage to our patients which allows them to feel confident knowing that they are going to be able to call in if something happens and they need emergency care. Having a dentist that you can rely on is key to having peace of mind with your dental health and we pride ourselves on being able to offer that to all of our patients.

4. Preventative Treatment.

We know how important it is to focus on preventative care and treatment options for our patients. A lot of cases of periodontal disease are preventable. Because we understand how important preventative treatment is, we put an inherent focus on offering it to our patients which can really help us put our patients in the best possible position to avoid a variety of dental issues.

Overall, there are a lot of reasons to choose us for all of your dental health needs. We offer the ability to get just about all of your dental requirements handled under one roof. We are even able to offer extreme convenience for all of our patients by handling all of our dental restorations in our own dental lab which allows us to take complete control of the quality which can make a big difference to the final results we are able to get with them. If you are looking for the best and most complete dental coverage, consider contacting us today.

About the town of East Norwich…

East Norwich is a small town in Nassau County, Long Island.

Its very pretty with a lot of cute local shops and great restaurants.

Its has a lot of charming naighborhoods with great schools and lots of families.

Its surrounded by affluent villages to the West and South. It is in walking distance to a large preserve and close to Planting Fields Arboretum. The beach is close by only a short drive.

Its a great place to bring up a family.

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