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Knowing When It Is Time To Replace Your Dentures

Knowing When It Is Time To Replace Your DenturesOne of the more common dental services that we provide at Shine Dental Group of Long Island is full and partial dentures. Interestingly enough, the misconception among many individuals is that dentures are permanent and never need to be replaced. Naturally, this is incorrect as we recommend denture replacement roughly every 5 years. Wearing them for longer than this could lead to other detrimental issues so it is important to have them checked on a regular basis.

Consulting with one of our dentists about your dentures have we have thoroughly checked and cleaned them could help to prevent any future health issues or problems. Over the years, your facial appearance, jawbone, and tissues will change whereas your dentures do not. You may or may not be aware of this so here are certain signs or symptoms that indicate the need for replacing them:

  • Changes in your facial features such as a sagging mouth or thinning lips
  • Chewing certain foods may become difficult and result in digestive problems
  • Dentures become discolored or emit an unpleasant odor
  • Eating, laughing, or speaking, causes your dentures to slip and even fall out
  • Gum tissues begin softening
  • Inflamed, irritated, and sore gum tissues
  • You suffer with headaches or ear and neck pain
  • Your partial dentures are left behind when going out or you keep them in your coat or pants pocket

These changes do not happen overnight. Although they occur more gradually over time, it is easier to discover these problems early on by having regular dental and denture check-ups. Despite the normal wear and tear that every denture wearer experiences, most have the problems that arise will involve problems with your facial features, gum tissues, or mouth. If you are currently wearing dentures and experiencing any or several of the problems listed above, don’t compromise your appearance and comfort by not replacing your prosthesis. Please contact Shine Dental Group today and schedule an examination appointment.


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